Baysilone Emulsion F is an aqueous, solvent-free, reactive polysiloxane emulsion.
Baysilone Emulsion F is mainly used as a water repellent finishing for different substrates.

Baysilone Emulsion F is mainly used as a water repellent for core insulation boards and spun-glass mats. For these purposes the emulsion should be diluted to approximately 2% silicone content with tap water. This happens together with the preparation of the binder, comprising urea/melamine formaldehyde resins. The degree of dilution depends on the respective specific processing conditions.
About 200 - 400 g of emulsion should be used on 1 km2. The drying temperatures above the stove chain should be between 250 and 300 degrees Celsius for approximately 10 min.

Furthermore Baysilone Emulsion F can be used for textiles like tent squares, canvas etc. to apply water repellent properties. Therefore Baysilone Emulsion F has to be blended with Baysilone Emulsion TP 3207 in a ratio of 1:1. The exact dilution ratio depends on the processing conditions. Use tap water to dilute the emulsion blend for a working active content of 0.5 – 5%.
Drying temperatures should be between 120°C und max. 190°C for some minutes. This system cures also at room temperature but curing time will extend up to several days.

Baysilone Emulsion F is available in 50kg pails, 200kg drums, 950kg totes.

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